Quentin Tarantino’s Movie Mixtape

In August 2019 I produced Quentin Tarantino’s Movie Mixtape – a documentary for BBC Radio 2 in which the acclaimed multi-Oscar-winning filmmaker took movie critic James King through the music from his movies. In the special programme, Tarantino described listening to hours of the 60s radio station 93KHJ for his new film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, teaching Uma Thurman to do the twist … Continue reading Quentin Tarantino’s Movie Mixtape

Jo & Sara at the Edinburgh Festivals 2019

In August 2019 I went to the Edinburgh Festivals for the first time, working on two BBC Radio 2 programmes broadcast live from the BBC Blue Tent in front of live audiences. On Thursday 8th August I produced Jo Whiley’s Radio 2 show. With just two hours to reflect everything going on in Edinburgh I focused on the fringe – booking stand-up comedians Phil Wang, … Continue reading Jo & Sara at the Edinburgh Festivals 2019

Chris Evans at the Royal Wedding 2018

In May 2018 The Chris Evans Breakfast Show team broadcast a special show, Chris Evans live in Windsor for the Royal Wedding. My colleague Meera and I were put in charge of leading the project, and were given two months to organise this live outside broadcast. Given the scale of the event and the security around the Royal Family, we were unable to give much … Continue reading Chris Evans at the Royal Wedding 2018