Quentin Tarantino’s Movie Mixtape

In August 2019 I produced Quentin Tarantino’s Movie Mixtape – a documentary for BBC Radio 2 in which the acclaimed multi-Oscar-winning filmmaker took movie critic James King through the music from his movies.

In the special programme, Tarantino described listening to hours of the 60s radio station 93KHJ for his new film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, teaching Uma Thurman to do the twist for Pulp Fiction and convincing record label EMI to let him use Stealers Wheel for THAT scene in Reservoir Dogs. My personal highlight of the interview was Tarantino revealing that when he was growing up he would listen to vinyl of old Disney stories and make movies of them in his head!

My second ad-hoc production for BBC Radio 2, the programme was James’ brainchild and the two of us worked hard to develop the idea, structure the programme and choose the music. The interview itself was filmed, meaning Radio 2’s digital and social media teams could create some great content for social around it.

Tarantino is undoubtedly a living legend and I’m very proud of this show.

Listen again to Quentin Tarantino’s Movie Mixtape on BBC Sounds until Monday 16th Sept 2019, or read this article about the show.

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